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About Tekkie Tec

Established in 2015, We are not just IT solution providers, we are the team of consultants with hands on expertise in different domains. We believe in management via automation. We work on system efficiency for business optimization.

Our solutions are cost effective, designed to meet regulatory requirements and business needs side by side, these are deployed at very minimal margins in SMBs and Health sector. We also offer customization as per business requirement. 

We have complete range of training portfolio covering all the virtualisation products.

We have worked globally in USA, Europe, Qatar, Dubai and Pakistan and rendered professional services in the areas of virtualization, datacenter and cloud migration.


"Envisioning a future where technology reshapes the global landscape, our ambition is to stand as a paramount force in the tech industry. At Tekkie Tec, we strive to pioneer innovations that elevate how the world operates and enriches everyday lives."


"Empowering businesses with premier services and solutions, we are committed to delivering unmatched value that garners our customers' enduring respect and loyalty. At Tekkie Tec, quality isn't just a standard; it's a promise."

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